Skylight Pro 2VE Junglesky Line


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  • Slimline Bauweise

  • Mega Licht

  • Ideal für Terrarienpflanzen

  • 130° Abstrahlwinkel

  • Ideal größflächige Lichtausbeute

Skylight Pro 2VE Junglesky Line

Skylight Pro 2VE Junglesky Line

The SKYLIGHT PRO 2V lamp was designed for medium and large sized vertical vivariums equipped with a glass top.
Asymmetric optics used in the SKYLIGHT PRO 2V lamp allows for an appropriate lighting of both - the bottom and walls of the vivarium. In case of vivariums equipped with a net ceiling the 2VE lamp should be used. 2VE version is equipped with holders designed for mounting on sides of the tank. SKYLIGHT PRO 2V lamp was designed for terrariums with living plants. The spectrum of light emitted by the lamp is suitable for the proper photosynthesis process, making this product suitable for growing even the most demanding plant species.

Baugröße: 30 x 18 x 4,5 cm (BxTxH)

CRI Type 88
24V DC

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